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  • International Journal of Microbial Resource Technology
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  • International Journal of Microbial Resource Technology

    ISSN 2278-3822
    Frequency: Quarterly
    We guarantee rapid publication. The journal is comprehensive.The journal is driven by international, well-known Editors.It provides an easy-to-use online submission and tracking system. It also provides innovative results and new imaging technologies.The journal regularly brings up-to-date with focused/current topics.Since the very ancient time man is exploiting Microorganisms as natural resources


    ISSN 2278 – 3822
    Frequency: Quarterly
    International Journal of Microbial Resource Technology (IJMRT) Guarantees rapid publication.This is comprehensive.The journal is driven by international, well-known Editors.It provides an easy-to-use online submission and tracking system. It also provides innovative results and new imaging technologies.

  • Our manuscripts areas

    Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics and Cell Biology,Cell development, Microbial interactions, Advanced/new methodologies, Novel Molecular Biology methods , Microbial Physiology and Metabolism.

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